“But Jesus called unto him, and said, suffer little children to come unto me,

and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 8:18

Comprehensive Learning at the H4L Christian Academy

Disadvantaged kids need an individualized and personalized approach to learning. At Children's Home For Life, we teach the Accelerated Christian Education or A.C.E. curriculum. It is a self-instructional and mastery-based approach to learning that is accepted by a majority of colleges and used widely by home school parents.


The best part of the A.C.E. curriculum is that students can absorb the subject material at their own pace, rather than being forced to learn at a pace set by a teacher in a classroom setting. Here, grades or classes don't matter, what matters is the child.


Take a Look at How the A.C.E. Program Works

With the A.C.E. program, students can take a diagnostic grade placement test called aceconnect to evaluate where they are performing academically and to prescribe where they should start. Here is how the diagnostic test works:


  • Our students receive a diagnostic testing beginning five years prior to their last completed grade
  • From the test, we get to understand if there are holes in their prior education
  • Once this is determined, the child is taught the missing information
  • They are then prepared to proceed to their current grade level
  • PACEs are then assigned to help the student continue his educational journey


Whether students are transferring to a school using the curriculum or are from a homeschooling family, the diagnostic test helps identify gaps in a student’s education.


How the A.C.E. Program Helps Students

Instead of being labeled by a chronological grade, each student advances according to their individual learning abilities. Your students may move ahead in some subject areas but proceed at a slower pace in others.


For example, a student placed in the fifth grade in a traditional school setting may be studying varying levels of PACEs in the A.C.E. system. This student could be taking Level 4 Math, Level 5 Science and Level 5 English. Similarly, you can enable your kids to focus on their strong areas and improve on areas they are lagging behind.


How the A.C.E Program Helps Teachers

  • The A.C.E. program enables schools and homeschools to administer PACEs to multiple students on different grade levels with minimal staffing
  • Kindergarten and first-level students are taught a phonics-based program that requires direct instruction from a supervisor or parent
  • From the second level on, the student is guided by the self-instructional PACEs
  • School supervisors and homeschool parents need to give limited assistance
  • Students can discover learning by themselves through the material



Extracurricular Activities for All-Round Growth

Your children can enjoy several extracurricular activities alongside schooling. We offer many student programs that can enhance our students' natural gifts and talents. Students can volunteer for ministry work both locally and abroad.


You can enroll your kids in student activities like service adventure, regional student conventions, international student conventions and educational assistance programs. All this, along with weekly field trips for socialization and engagement.



Additional A.C.E Support to Independent Schools

  • The Lighthouse Christian Academy serves as the K-12 distance learning provider for A.C.E. curriculum
  • LCA assists enrolled homeschools with academic advisors, support, accredited diplomas and a graduation ceremony
  • Private school students also have the opportunity to earn an accredited diploma through LCA
  • A.C.E. also provides extensive support to schools using the curriculum
  • You can attend the Christian educators’ conventions and supervisor training that are held throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries each year
  • Several administrators’ training sessions take place each summer at the A.C.E. International Corporate Offices in Hendersonville, Tennessee



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“But Jesus called unto him, and said, suffer little children to come unto me,

and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 8:18