- Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn

- Lower your cost per acquisition (CPA)

- Remarketing campaigns to leverage existing traffic

- Weekly campaign monitoring and adjustments

- Advanced analytics and reporting with multiple recommendation options

Social Media Marketing

Increasing Your Audience = Increase in Leads & Clients

Targeted promotion & account management service


- Improve product awareness, customer knowledge, & new customer experience.

- Reach highly targeted customers for your business.

- Convert interest into leads & clients.

Campaigns & Event Promotion

Let us promote your event or fundraiser

Campaign & Event Promotion Services Include:

- Established timeline for optimal audience reach.

- Website landing page for attendees to RSVP.

- Gain interest through wide social media outreach.

- Email Blasts

- Paid Advertising

- Event Coverage

Digital Ad Management

Ad software can be difficult - We make it easy





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